Used Turf Equipment Purchase from TSP

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As many of you know, we had one of our used greens mowers ‘kick the bucket’ and we have been struggling to keep up with our greens mowing on a daily basis.  We know that this has not been a pleasant experience for most of you and we truly apologize for that!  We are happy to tell you though that we have purchased a used greens mower from a used turf equipment dealer in South Carolina.  TSP Turf has made us an excellent deal on a like new reconditioned greens mower and have given us a 6 month warranty as well.  We expect this piece...

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Toro Procore 648 Update: We Just Bought A TriTow Trailer!

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Our New TriTow Trailer Folks we are excited to announce to the club that we have purchased a TriTow Trailer for our Toro Procore 648. This purchase will allow us and our greens staff to be able to move our Toro Procore 648 aerator around the course much more quickly and stay out of the way of play. While we know that most golfers HATE when we have to aerate greens, it is a necessity to keep the greens healthy and sustained. This trailer will basically cut our aerification times in half meaning less time to bother you while you are on the...

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The Best Golf Around

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We all play golf every Saturday and Sunday at Brantwood.  I must say that it is time to change it up a bit and take a trip to a new course.  After doing some research I have found a place for us all to get away to.   Farmington hills golf is the area that I think we will most enjoy.  Make sure you pack your bags (and clubs) and we will set off to play one of the nicest golf courses in the United States.  I am looking forward to it and I hope you are...

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